RaPiD Energy Compliance, a division of Residential Planning and Design since 1987, provides Title 24 Energy Compliance Reports, and Energy and Green Consultation not only for our own designs but also for those prepared by various local Architects, Home Designers, Contractors, Developers, and Homeowners.

Please have the following items available in order to have an energy compliance report prepared.

Title 24 Check List

Items Required:
One full set of working drawings (*.dwg, *.pdf or printed copies as to be submitted to Building Department). Drawings will not be returned and will be kept should any questions arise. The drawings should contain the following items:

  • Site Plan with north arrow.
  • Proposed floor plan. Indicate all window and door sizes on exterior and common living/garage walls. Indicate orientation (north arrow).
  • Indicate windows to be replaced or removed if addition or alteration. Note furnace output (bonnet capacity), manufacturer, model number, duct location and R-value of ducts. Indicate water heater size and location. Indicate if gas, propane, or electric space and water heaters are proposed.
  • Existing floor plan (if addition or alteration). Indicate all items as noted above. If full as-built working drawings are unavailable, indicate plate height of walls and ridge heights in vaulted areas (so volume of house can be calculated), and overhang lengths.
  • Note approximate date of original construction and assumed insulation levels. Indicate existing window types (single glazed aluminum framed slider, etc.)
  • Exterior elevations. Indicate finish wall and roofing materials. Note orientation of elevations. Indicate the type of windows proposed (dual pane extruded vinyl framed sliders etc.). Indicate overhang length and shading devices.
  • Provide sections as available. Indicate interior finishes and proposed insulation. Indicate roof pitch and exterior finishes. Indicate wall plate heights and stud depth and spacing, i.e.: 2×4 at 16″ o/c. Indicate floor and roof framing systems and spacing.
  • Owners’ name, mailing address, email address, and phone number.
  • Site address, lot number and subdivision name, or Assessor’s Parcel Number.
  • Designer’s name, address, email address, and phone number.